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First, we eat then we do everything else - MFK Fisher

Delicioso Mobile Chefs provides gourmet meal services which feature a wide range of local and international cuisine. We combine innovation and the love of food to create excellent culinary experience, one customer at a time.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our meals and services. We source for every item we serve; from our food to the plates, with special consideration for quality. We ensure that every plate of food delivered to our customer is of top notch quality to the best of our abilities.

Delicioso Mobile Chefs constantly seek new ways to create a simple, efficient and affordable culinary experience for our customers. We ensure timely delivery of our services. Our goal is to establish a customer base that has full confidence and trust in our quality and abilities.

At Delicioso Mobile Chefs, we believe every impression is as important as the first. We always go above and beyond to keep our customers happy to the best of our abilities. We create a personal relationship with and around each customer and treat each customer like they are our only customer.

Delicioso Mobile Chefs is considerate of each customer’s health and dietary needs. We can work with our customers with special dietary needs and customize a meal plan that suits their bodies and minds.

Companies: Delicioso Mobile Chefs provide lunch catering and canteen management services to companies. We create a menu for each company, considering location and possible company policies. We also offer special discounts to employees and companies encouraging employees to eat within the premises of the company thereby saving useful working hours.

Individuals: With Delicioso Mobile Chefs, individuals can sign up to become a ‘DMCer’ for the busy and upwardly mobile individuals. We provide lunch delivery to busy Lagosians. We have the one-off customers (‘DMC-Oners’) and the ‘DMCers’.

We are always working to convert our ‘DMC-Oners’ to ‘DMCers’ with our top-notch quality service.

We create meal plans for our special needs ‘DMCers’ by taking into consideration their dietary requirements and preferences. The meals are delivered daily at any location of our customer’s choice for the duration of the subscription. For our ‘DMC-Oners’ and ‘DMCers’ without special needs we have a daily menu with a variety of options for our customers to pick from.

Delivery charges apply.

Orders for lunch are made a day before or latest 9:00 am same day and deliveries will be made from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm



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