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Mongolian BBQ

Ready to make your own bowl of MONGOLIAN BBQ?

Delicioso Mobile Chef’s Mongolian Grill was born out of a need for something fresh and exciting on the food scene.

Mongolian BBQ is a unique combo of fusion food that a customer can create according to his/her taste – it’s a create-it-yourself stir-fry

What’s in Your/My Bowl?

The flexibility that comes with deciding what you want in each bowl of food you eat is something we want to provide – thus creating a unique eating experience.  “What’s in Your/My Bowl” expresses the choice and independence that you desire in having that ultimate food experience.

You Create the Perfect Meal or Create Your Own Meal, Enjoy Your Creation

At Mongolian BBQ, our customers have complete creative control. And you will absolutely love it that way!

We would provide you all the essential ingredients to create “Your Perfect Lip-Smacking Bowl”. With that, the fun begins. You, our customers all have varied tastes, thus no two bowls will ever be the same. Each and Every bowl has its own distinctive mix of proteins, vegetables, spices, sauces and sides.

A bowl filled with nourishment just for that unique individual that you are. A creation of yours – taste, cravings and everything in between…

Mongolian BBQ – Brief History

Centuries ago in the country of Mongolia, the mighty Khan’s hunting parties would camp on the banks of great river Khan-Bhalik. After days devoted entirely to hunting, they would gather in droves to celebrate their successes. Communing on banquet style pavilions, the Mongols would prepare slivers of meat and vegetables by slicing them with their razor-sharp swords. They would cook their food by searing it on their overturned shields that were heated over a blazing fire. The Kublai Khan and the fiercest warriors would sit high above the hordes and enjoy the same food prepared for them on a large, roaring hot griddle.

It is with these ancient traditions in mind that we bring you one of the world’s most original eating experiences. Join us on this incredible journey….

Now, time to have fun – Build Your Bowl

You have the freedom to choose from 3 bowl sizes:



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