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The sharing of food is the basis of social life - Laurie Colwin

Soups, Stews & Sauces

Homemade, tasty, nutritious pots of soups, stews or sauces prepared in a most hygienic way with the freshest ingredients, customized to your taste and delivered to YOU. That’s what we call quality…That’s what we do…That’s what you taste…

Our home-made soups, stews and sauces are customized to taste for each individual. Delicioso Mobile Chefs “SSS” provides the perfect solution for busy people who love that home-made soup, stew or sauce but have time constraints.

Delicioso Mobile Chefs is constantly seeking new ways to create tastes consistent with the traditional demands of our customers. We are big on hygiene and this can be seen from the health certified chefs, thoroughly picked and prepared ingredients and our spick and span kitchen and utensils. The DMC processes are deliberately designed to promote our customers general well-being.

Our hygiene standards ensure you experience the same quality of hygiene in every pot of DMC soup you purchase.

We are known for using only fresh ingredients. From fresh vegetables, to the proteins, to the rich oil and seasoning, it has gone beyond principles to become a thing of pride in assuring our new customers as our old customers are well aware.

DMC “SSS” is synonymous with value and quality is one value we hold close to every pot we prepare. The best is only good enough for your stomach/tummy.

Lagos life has become synonymous with busy life with its meetings, traffics and family engagements. We understand the desire to be met at every point. That is why we take the stress off you and deliver to your home, office or any other designated or convenient point. Delivery charges apply.

List of Soups available on DELICIOSO

Edikaikong Soup







Ofe Owerri

Fisherman Soup

Seafood Okra


Native Soup

Efo Riro



List of Stews available on Delicioso

Chicken Stew

Turkey Stew

Peppered Snail Sauce

Gizzard Stew

Mixed Meat (chicken, turkey, beef & goat meat) Stew

Snail Stew

Goat Meat Stew

Kpomo Stew

Cat Fish Stew

Assorted Meat Stew

Beef Stew

Ofada Stew

Mackerel Stew

Titus Fish Stew

Ram Meat Stew

List of Sauces (available on 2.5, 3 & 5 litre bowls only)

Minced Beef Sauce

Minced Chicken Sauce

Mixed Veggies Sauce - any protein of your choice

Peppered Snail Sauce

Assorted Meat Sauce

Mixed Sausages Sauce

Seafood Sauce

Peppered Gizzard Sauce

Peppered Beef Sauce

Meatball Sauce

Peppered Beef Sauce

Coconut Curry Sauce - beef, chicken, turkey



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