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Delicioso Sauce Prices with Protein


S/NProtein Type2 Litre Bowl3 Litre Bowl5 Litre BowlCooler - SmallCooler - Medium
1.Minced Beef Sauce ₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
2.Minced Chicken Sauce₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
3.Mixed Veggies Sauce (with either Chicken or Turkey or Fish)₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
4.Assorted Meat Sauce ₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
5.Mixed Sausages Sauce₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
6.Seafood Sauce ₦25,000₦30,000₦35,000--
7.Shrimp & Prawn Sauce₦25,000₦30,000₦35,000--
8.Chicken, Shrimp & Prawn Sauce₦25,000₦30,000₦35,000--
9.Meatball Sauce ₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
10.Coconut Curry Sauce (with either Chicken or Turkey or Fish)₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
11.Curry Sauce (with either Chicken or Turkey or Fish)₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
12.Beef Stiry fry₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
13.Chicken Stiry fry₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
14.Peppered Chicken Sauce ₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
15.Peppered Turkey Sauce₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
16.Peppered Gizzard Sauce₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
17.Peppered Beef Sauce₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000
18.Peppered Goat Meat₦18,000₦21,000₦25,000₦55,000₦70,000

Please note:

  1. All meals are cooked to individual dietary preferences, spiciness, salt intake, pepper tolerance and level of oil
  2. The 2 litres contain 10 pieces of protein, 3 litres – 15 pieces of protein, 5 litres – 20 pieces of protein, Tray (Small) – 10 pieces of protein, Tray (Big) – 15 pieces of protein, Small Coolers – Feeds 20-25 and comes with 25 pieces of protein, Medium Coolers – Feeds 30-35 and comes with 35 pieces of protein
  3. Orders and inquiries are between 9am-5pm from Monday to Saturdays. Delivery is done between 24-48 hours after full payment is confirmed
  4. Prices are exclusive of delivery cost. Mainland delivery starts from ₦1000 while Island delivery starts from ₦1500

You can reach us via our phone numbers 08025708382 between 9am-5pm from Monday to Saturday. You can also send an email to deliciosomobilechefs@gmail.com.

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